Flexible Dies

Flexible Dies
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Chemograf is the leading company that manufactures Flexible Dies for labels cutting in the printing Industry.

Chemograf's Flexible Dies are manufactured adhering to strict process procedures and Quality Control requirements. These Flexible Dies provide a very high standard and cutting quality. In order to ensure long life of the flexible dies, our employee’s work force comprises a leading, skillful and reliable team of technicians, equipped with and using a combination of field proven suitable technologies: Photochemical Machining, Micro Engraving, CNC Machining and plating of hard metals that enables to harden the flexible dies surface.

At our disposal we have a variety of advanced measuring devices and quality control methods for achieving the precision of up to 2 micron on all dimensions that we deliver.

The most important factor for achieving and maintaining Chemograf's success is by striving to build a satisfied customers community. We know that in order to become leaders in this competitive market we must offer flexibility, quality, friendly service and technological innovation. All these leads to a speedy on-time delivery and uncompromised state of the art flexible long life dies.

Technical Specifications

Precision +/- 0.002 mm             

Total die height 0.32 to 1.0 mm

European standard 0.44 mm

Die thickness 0.11 to 0.13 mm

Corner radius 0º and up

Cut angle 50º to 110º depends on labeling material  

Different cut heights, as per request

Applications Rotary or flat, paper, PE,

PP , PVC and etc.                  

Thin cardboard, sandwich material

Perforations, micro perforations, creasing       

Kiss cutting, through cutting.