Metal & Mould Texturing

Chemograf has expertise in Texturing Applications for wide variety of grains, logos and symbols.
Continuing research and development enabled us to offer our service to a variety of industries, including injection blow and compression moulds for plastic inserts and electro-erosion electrodes, vacuum forming and rollers for rubber, paper and leather processing industry.

We can texture moulds and rollers of any size and shape, and from any material.

Our process involves coating the three-dimensional metal part with photo resistant material and duplicating a texture or logo from a master film.

All the untouched areas are covered with masking materials during the process, in order to protect them from the acid.  The photographic process enables us to reproduce the textures of any natural material, including wood, leather and textiles.

Chemograf uses advanced equipment for graphic applications, including a fully computerized studio for logos, emblems and texture design.
texture 01062016Chemograf maintains an extensive library of graphics and designs that are provided to our client's for their needs. The depth of the engraving is very important and is determined according to the graphic design and the product's shape. Over the years, Chemograf engineers have developed unique techniques and technologies, that provide solutions for the design and manufacture of products to the satisfaction of our customers.