R&D Engineering/Design Electronics & Mechanical

Chemograf engineering department offers its customers advanced technological and engineering solutions for manufacturing a wide range of precision and complex parts. Chemograf engineering department employs a skilled team of engineers from diverse fields. They are experienced in Chemograf’s ITP (integrated technologies processing) method that involves all in-house technologies for a range of advanced industries.
Customers’ requirements are examined, materials and technologies are reviewed in order to match the specific technology processes and finishes. Chemograf engineers regularly attend its customers’ product development meetings. Prototypes are then produced to ensure that the best decisions are taken and best processes are chosen. Our main priority is always the never-ending thrive for excellence, for upholding the highest of quality and for meeting our customers’ demands. We perform innovative solutions, covering all aspects of customers’ concerns, including cost reduction.
Confidentiality agreements and copyrights are being taken on regular basis upon customer requirements.
When a prototype is completed, it goes through FAI inspection, and then delivered to the customer for evaluation.
After FAI approval, Chemograf’s team is planning a production protocol concerning all costumer demands and FAI conclusions.

Chemograf’s Electronic Engineering Processes and Services

Chemograf’s Electronic engineering department owns a state of the art “Gerbtool” system operated by most skilful engineers. This department offers the following :

  • The major part of the process is automatic, from the acceptance of the job
    to producing finished products.
  • Paste stencils foils are fully checked according to IPC standards.
  • Each customer has his/her own computerized DRC (Design Roles Check) file which can be changed dynamically.
  • Chemograf stores Backup files and history of all jobs.
  • Chemograf’s professional staff will provide a warning about potential failures or severe design risks found in supplied files.
  • A corrective procedure will be recommended.
  • Chemograf can generate paste stencils in case of missing ones from outer PCB layers.
  • Chemograf can generate Step and Repeat “chocolate panel” from a single image file.
  • Fiduciary elements can be added, bottom placed, top placed, both sides and cross – opposite position (half deep , deep control and colored).
  • Repair BGA stencil – can be automatically positioned on the stencil corners at no extra cost.
  • Chemograf can produce Paste wipers for any size and shape.

All the processes are conducted under extremely strict quality assurance procedures,
Including online AOI systems with cameras.

Chemograf’s Mechanical Engineering Processes and Services

Chemograf’s Mechanical engineers use “Solid works” system. This department offers the following:

We perform innovative solutions, covering all aspects of customers’ concerns, including cost reduction.

Chemograf engineers regularly attend product development meetings of its customers.

Our engineers generate 2D&3D files according to costumers’ drafts and part lists for flat sheets and folded parts

We are offering our customers the preferred manufacturing technology under the ITP (Integrated Technology Processing) method according to geometry complexity, raw material & production volumes, whether for R&D quantities or for mass production.