Micro-Laser Cutting

Chemograf have the capabilities of Micro Laser Technology production.

This technology is suitable for producing a wide range of top quality and high precision thin, complex miniature parts that are made of wide variety of steels, and SMT stencils for the assembly of PCBs by screen-printing processes.          
We offer our customers exceptional field proven qualities by using the latest updated technology.

Chemografs Micro Laser equipment (5 Units) is 15 microns laser beam with an accuracy of 0.01 microns up to 50 microns laser beam with an accuracy of 0.005 mm. This equipment enables producing Conic Holes and provides very straight and smooth cutting lines with no appearance of burns, and providing great accuracy and uniformity.

Chemograf s extensive use of state of the art system offers a very high quality fine cutting lines with a very fine pitched geometries and microns sized holes. Micro laser is suitable for rapid turnaround of small batches, especially for produce samples. It is also an ideal method to meet the stringent requirements for producing medical implants.

Micro Laser Cutting Technical Details:
Part size: from 0.1 mm to 600mm×600 mm

Thickness of raw materials:
Stainless steel and hard metals: 0.01mm – 4 mm;
Aluminum: 0.2mm – 4 mm
Copper & Brass: 0.02 – 4 mm
Silicone / Foam /Alumina/ Tungsten:  0.02mm – 3 mm

Precision (Tolerances): +/- 5 microns
Center to Center: 0.01 micron
Resolution 0.01 Microns up to 0.6 mm
Repeatability 2.5 Microns
Aspect Ratio 1:0.8 material thickness
Minimum distance between openings: 0.0006” (15 Microns) depending on metal thickness           

The following metals can be cut by this system:
Stainless steels & Steel, Titanium , Nitinol ,Tantalum ,Nickel & Nickel Alloys ,Aluminum
Cobalt Chrome, Kovar, Invar ,17-7 PH / 17-4 Ph ,Miu Metal, Nicrom, Tungsten, Ceramic Wafers