SMT Solder Stencils

One of Chemograf’s most important product lines is the manufacturing of solder paste stencils for the electronics industry.
The stencils are produced by using the photochemical Etching Process and Micro Laser Technologies that enable working and conforming to very strict and rigorous precision requirements.
Our skilled stuff delivers  to our customers very precise products within very short delivery schedules.

Chemograf Solder Paste Stencils Capabilities
The stencils are produced for use in applying solder paste and glue paste.
Chemograf is capable of producing stencils for all currently types of stencil – printer systems and can also design special and custom made stencils.
Chemograf produces stencils of different thicknesses on selected areas, in order to fill different quantities of paste inside pads for special components.(Stepped Stencil)
Chemograf is capable of enlarge existing apertures and adding apertures on existing stencils.

Engineering Process and Services 
* The major part of the process is automatic, from the acceptance of the job to producing finished products.
* Paste stencils foils are fully checked according to IPC standards.
* Each customer has his own computerized DRC (Design Roles Check) file and it can be changed dynamically.
* Chemograf stores Backup files and history of all jobs.
* Chemograf’s professional staff will provide a warning about potential failures or severe  design risks found in supplied files.
* A corrective procedure will be recommended.
* Chemograf can generate paste stencils in case of missing ones from outer PCB layers.
* Chemograf can generate Step and Repeat “chocolate panel” from a single image file.
* Fiduciary elements can be added, bottom placed, top placed, both sides and cross – opposite position (half deep , deep control and colored).
* Repair BGA stencil – can be automatically positioned on the stencil corners at no extra cost.
* Chemograf can produce Paste wipers for any size and shape.

All the processes are conducted under very strict quality assurance procedures Including online AOI systems with cameras.