Vector Guard Stencils & Frames

Chemograf is a legal licensed distributor in Israel of “Vector Guard” technology owned and produced by “ASM corporation” (former “DEK group”)
The comparative advantages of the Vector Guard technology over mesh mounted stencils are so clear that an industry wide shift towards it has already started. Vector Guard™ High Tension takes this technology to the next level.

Breakthrough technology
With tension that is 45% greater than that of previous-generation products, DEK’s Vector Guard™ High Tension delivers excellent solder paste deposition and definition, better transfer efficiency for highly miniaturized components, improved tension control over the life of the stencil and improved process control for greater end-of-line yield. DEK’s Vector Guard™ High Tension’s additional tension capability is achieved through evolved mechanical frame technology. Those already using Vector Guard™ can incorporate current foils with the new frame and easily integrate existing products into the new frame system.

  • Foil Tension to 47 N-cm
  • Tension transferred evenly on all four sides
  • No glue bonds to fail
  • Greater tension control for the life of the stencil
  • More uniform stencil release from the substrate, yielding better defined solder paste deposits and minimal peaking
  • As measured by the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology using strain gauges
  • Improved process control for greater end-of-line yield
  • Better transfer efficiency over the life of the stencil for leading-edge, miniaturized components
  • Excellent solder paste deposition definition
  • Compatibility with existing Vector Guard™ foils for cost-effective process integration
  • Space-saving foil storage as compared to traditional, mesh-mount stencils