About Us

Chemograf Ltd. was Established in 1983 as a family enterprise. It is staffed by qualified engineers and skilled technicians. Our specialization is in creating complex and precise parts for a variety of industries. Since 2013, the company has been functioning in a new state-of-the-art facility.
Today we supply our products with excellence to a wide variety of clients in several Industries in Israel and worldwide, such as: Aerospace Industries, Defense Industries, homeland security industries, Medical and Surgical equipment industries, electronic and telecommunications Industries, Automotive industries and mechanical equipment.
Chemograf is an expert in Photochemical Machining, Micro-Laser Cutting, Micro High Speed CNC milling, Laser Welding and CNC Bending Technologies.

With these technologies, Chemograf developed the top-notch Integrated Technology Processing (ITP) method it currently maintains.
ITP allows us to support our customers in parts production, starting from R&D samples all the way to mass production, never falling short of the highest quality.
Chemograf relies on high-level quality management procedures, strictly adhering to relevant MIL SPEC's and AS9100C, ISO13485, ISO9001-2008 standards.
Our never-ending thrive for excellence, and for upholding the highest of quality Standards, puts us at the forefront of industrial technology. Our customers' demands are always our main priority. We perform innovative solutions, covering all aspects of customers' concerns, including cost reduction.
Since we always put our customers’ success as our highest priority, Chemograf’s engineers regularly attend product development meetings of its customers. We are proud to be awarded "Golden Suppliers" of the IAI group, and to be approved as a "Ship To Stock" supplier in all homeland security companies, both representing the high reputation we work so hard to maintain in the industry. Chemograf also finds environmental preservation to be of the highest priority.

Our excellent, proficient workers are the source of our strength, and as a family business we realize that the high quality of our products can be achieved only by having a skilled and most experienced staff. Each and every one of them is a full partner in our success.
Above all, we see our most valuable asset to be our satisfied customers.