Raw Materials Purchasing

Chemograf’s purchasing department takes care of different aspects of raw material purchasing according to two methods:
Internal company stock: this method is performed for frequently used materials for custom jobs. All materials are purchased only from western authorized manufacturers/suppliers. Each material batch is attached with quality certificates: COC & COA which provide proof of material course, authenticity and quality.

Purchasing against costumers’ orders: When a customer order is requires special exotic material not needed in high volumes, or material that is needed in high volumes for designated order- a calculation is made in order to assure required quantity back to back with PO. The purchase procedure is the same as stock purchasing procedure, including certificates and quality checks.

Our purchasing department is working under very strict rules including ISO13485 2016 and AS9100D rules. Our suppliers are required to the same rules and our quality staff is auditing suppliers at their premises. Every batch is checked by our quality team to meet customer requirements before it gets to our storage.