RFI-EMI Shielding

Chemograf produces a wide range of RFI-EMI shieldingcovers for the electronics, telecommunication, aerospace and medical equipment industries.

RFI-EMI shields re designed to protect components from radio frequency, electronic interferences, environmental hazards and to provide electrical grounding.

These shields can be produces as single masking units or divided into a cover and enclosure, which enables high accessibility and easy maintenance of sensitive components.
The cover can be fastened to the enclosure with folding tabs or spring leaves.

All the products are manufactured in accordance with the specifications drawings or the computer files of the customers.

Chemograf’s process fits well to R&D flexibility requirements: small quantities and quick deliveries.
We offer custom banding lines for easy handling & logo or any data engraved on the surface of the shields.

The recommended raw materials for manufacturing RFI-EMI shields are: Tin-Plate Brass, Copper and Stainless-Steel as well as SAE1010 and Nickel-Silver that can be soldered without using a coating.

Our innovative technology and extensive photo etching capabilities give our customers the most reliable shields on the market at low cost and with fast deliveries.