Small & Large Series Production

One of Chemograf's advantages is the customized capabilities of both small & large series production.
Our low cost tooling and ability to conduct changes at minimum costs allow us to meet our customers’ diverse demands for quantities.
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ITP - Integrated Technologies Processing

Chemograf provides solutions for a wide range of technologies which can be integrated into the production of one item. Corporate service philosophy holds that: "The customer will design Chemograf will produce". Engineering system prepared to solve problems such seemingly unresolved in terms of production.
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R&D Prototyping

ITP allows us to support our customers to produce parts starting from prototypes R&D samples with quick deliveries, all the way to mass production, never falling below the highest quality.

Nano Coating

Chemograf’s "Nano Coating" is an advanced technique that allows the electronic assembly contractor to miniaturize the components and modules present on the PCB.
This process is a great challenge for the screen printing process. 

“Nano Coating” solves various paste-transformation problems: As the distances between components get smaller and smaller, so do stencil apertures and paste deposits.

 Another problem that "Nano Coating" solves, is the fact that large and small components are often located directly adjacent to each other.

Chemografs " Nano Coating" processing on this kind of SMT stencils creates the following benefits:
  • Significantly more transfer efficiency
  • Higher printing process stability
  • Improved deposit quality
  • Significantly lower under screen cleaning frequency
  • Improved yield