ITP – Integrated Technologies Processing

Chemograf provides solutions for a wide range of technologies which can be integrated into the production of one item. Corporate service philosophy holds that: “The customer will design Chemograf will produce”. Engineering system prepared to solve problems such seemingly unresolved in terms of production.
The multi disciplinary control of manufacturing technologies enables engineers of Chemograf a wide spectrum of choosing the optimal production chain adjusted exactly to requirements. Integration is reflected the way that manufacturing processes are adjusted from station to station, while keeping dimensional compliance in a way that does not harm the part on its features, level of finish and its accuracy. That means the transition from station to station in the production chain is saving dimensional sequence and allowing compliance with the most stringent requirements of the planners. There is also the possibility of unique cases of the process flow back and forth for purposes of protecting rigorous planning requirements. In addition, the transition from one department to another done by unique enclosures which keeps and prevents any damage or deformation of delicate items and parts. Implementation of the ITP method brings to reduction of about 40% of the supply duration and in reduction of approximately 15% in costs, compared to standard production options. The Departments which compose the “ITP” of the company: